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The branch of physical chemistry which deals with surface phenomenon of matter is known as Surface Chemistry.

 Part – A (Adsorption) 


1.) Adsorption: The phenomenon of increase of concentration at the surface due to surface force is known as adsorption.

2.) Absorption: When a substance is uniformly distributed throughout the body of a solid or liquid, the phenomenon is called as absorption. 

3.) Sorption: It may be defined as the process in which both adsorption and absorption take place simultaneously.

4.) Adsorbent: The solid or liquid substance on the surface of which adsorption takes place is called adsorbent. Examples: - activated charcoal, Pt, Pd, Ni, Silica gel, gelatin, Al2O3 starch.

5.) Adsorbate: The substance solid, liquid or gas which are adsorb on the surface of adsorbent are called adsorbate.

5.) Adsorbate: The release of an adsorbate from a surface of adsorbent.

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